Bungee Trampoline

Astro-Boing bungee trampoline is the most fantastic way to create aerial awareness and build confidence. Enjoy a gentle smooth jump or alternatively boing 7 metres high and flip in complete safety. Achieve up to 3 seconds of air time!

Not just for the kids! (Max. 90kgs)

$20 per ride (5 aerobic minutes!)

This aparatus is an amazing ‘cardio’ workout that uses pretty much every muscle in the body, great for core strength. Great for aerial awareness.

From 15 months to 115 years you’ll be amazed how much fun can be had on the bungee trampoline! Complete flips and tricks in complete safety and bounce incredibly high!

This activity can be made part of a tailored package for Birthdays and group events. It really goes hand in hand with the Flying Trapeze and is a key element to making Cirque Espace a unique Circus experience and School.

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