Lycra and brightly coloured yoga and fitness clothing positively encouraged! 3/4 length or full length leggings (tights) preferably cotton, something that covers the backs of the knees. Or leggings under shorts (like the footy players for the boys/men!) or stretchy 3/4 length pants or track pants, nothing slippy/shiny! Fitted sports style clothing that moves freely with the body. All jewellery to be removed and long hair tied back securely no clips or clamps. Shoes will be removed for flight!
Absolutely you are! All you need is the desire and self belief! As long as you can hold yourself whilst hanging from a bar for 10 seconds you’ll be fine! Strength will be developed the more you fly! So you don’t need to do pull-ups or sit ups or anything too energetic, that will come with time if you join the fly family! If you are strong but over 110kgs the ‘catcher’ may make a discretional ‘choice’ whether to catch.
We will call you on the day regarding bookings that need to re-scheduled. We can however operate in light intermittent showers, but will always make the call on the day.
Very occasionally the wind and heat may be a factor in re-scheduling workshops.
There will be no refund or re-schedule for participants who cancel on the day or simply don’t show up. 24 hours cancellation notice would be appreciated. Spaces are very limited and exclusive so it’s important to let us know. Please call us directly on 0412 55 22 86 should you need to re-schedule your bookings, we’ll be happy to help.
All participants will be required to sign a Release/waiver Form and parents or guardians will sign for those under 18 years.
Safety announcements will be made for all those taking part and watching, please listen to the instructors as it’s your safety we care about.
Should the participants become fatigued, which happens with such a thrilling activity, the workshop may end earlier, this is for safety only. We are not about ‘clock watching’ we are all about the group dynamic and the individuals growth and progression when in flight. Everyone is taught one on one and our instructors can see when fatigue has set in.
Once your safety belt has been fitted do not adjust it, ask an instructor.
Flying Trapeze is a thrilling activity, 15 years to 115 years is perfect. If your 116 we may consider you!
Remember if your 14 year old is a good listener and pretty ‘gung ho’ then they’re good to go.
Should you have any injury or medical issue please check with your Doctor, physio or physician before attending. We are not medically qualified to answer any medical questions or give advise. All care but no responsibility!
It is our job to help you through your fears and increase your confidence and skills, we will do our best to put you at ease if you feel very challenged. Fly, believe, achieve!

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