Street Theatre & Productions

Spaced Out Productions began in Sydney in the early 1990’s. Developing  Entertainment such as Street Theatre and Character concepts. This led to annual European Festival tours and through experience, they successfully created many dynamic productions. Most noteworthy was the creation of Cirque Espace. A Corporate entertainment platform, and circus school specialising in the Flying Trapeze. Cirque Espace was based in a well known Novotel Resort in Queensland for 15 years.

If you don’t find something suitable in our existing entertainment productions, tell us about your event and we can customize entertainment concepts for you!

The Tea Ladies

VERA & LYNN (Pun intended!) The tea-ladies that love a gossip. Straight out of a 1960’s office pushing their trolley through time. They’ll offer you cookies and grandiose chit chat. As for tea……you’ll be lucky! Vera and Lynn will ‘break the ice’ at any party or event. Watch them spread their vibrant fun around the world! (Cookies included!)

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Nosey Neighbours

Two suburban characters peer out from behind their windows at the strange world out-side. A few neighbourly entanglements brings them out from their safe world into ours. Their windows on wheels appear to follow everyone, everywhere! Nosey Neighbours; something everybody relates to!

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Crazy Cowboys

Dog-gone crazy cow-boy & girl straight from the ranch! Looking for Indians, beef-jerky and general shenanigans… Fresh humour fresh from the hills they’ll spin you a yarn and milk your cow. They might even let you ride their horsey! Yeeee-haaaa!

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Coinsland Smile Police

Good Cop/Bad Cop on general surveillance duties. Scrutinizing smiles and giggles and general public behaviour. Beware, they’ll book you for un-liscenced fashion, not smiling, and anything that doesn’t fit to their high standards! Highly interactive and engaging. (Non-motorised.)

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