Make friends in high places!

Flying Trapeze Perth is an incredible experience. Whether it’s first time, or you’re highly experienced, you will still feel the exhilaration.

One on one tuition! Come…..FLY, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE.

Duration – Approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. Depending on booking numbers. Always the same amount of turns whether there’s 1 person or 10 people, more flyers simply takes longer that’s all!

Open – Twice Monthly (Weekdays by appointment)

Summer Flight Times: 6pm

Autumn/Spring Flight Times: 10am

(Subject to change according to booking volumes.)

Call 0412 55 22 86 for session times.

Seasonally closed for Winter from July to September.

(Private Group Bookings upon request.)




Summary – The flying trapeze builds confidence and growth of body and mind. The workshop is designed to help people acquire a rewarding self-belief and passion for flight, whilst overcoming their fears. Flying Trapeze Perth has a very safe, encouraging environment. The professional instructors create an exciting and exhilarating experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Safety – Safety is our upmost care, making everyone feel comfortable and secure. This is an all inclusive environment!

Practice (low) Bar – The instructors provide safety harnesses to all the participants, and following a demonstration on the practice bar, the new flyers get their first taste, by hanging up-side down by their knees and stretching their arms out behind them. For the Frequent Flyers and those who have flown before, a new trick is taught to add to the repertoire. Always changing and developing your skill.

Ladder – Now the flyers are ready to take to flight. The instructors run through the platform ‘Take Off’ position, on the ground, and then demonstrate how to climb the ladder safely.

Swinging – After reaching the platform, and admiring the breath-taking Perth City/Swan River views. Prepare to leap into flight and feel the EXHILARATION of the full size Flying Trapeze. The FLYING TRAPEZE PERTH platform at Alfred Cove, Melville has a view like no other!

The Catch – A number of practices later, the flyer is in the air, arms outstretched, hands gripping the catchers wrists in a mix of adrenaline and unequaled ecstasy.

Certificate – After two attempted catches the now dazzling flyer is given printed proof of all feats accomplished in the form of their very own personal certificate.


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