The Vision

The joy of sharing the thrill of the Flying Trapeze building confidence through achievement, overcoming fears.
Flying Trapeze Perth provides the opportunity to nurture identity and individuality. The thrills of Flying Trapeze Perth provides the opportunity for adventure through playfulness in a safe, controlled environment.
Everyone will become part of a team that has no losers. With a desire to experience togetherness through aspirations of achieving hopes and dreams. A little hard work, and the right processes, participants experience success and joy of the freedom of flight.

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Followed the arts since very young, starting with dance and music! Soon discovering that there lay a natural clown within! Studied classical music and drama at University and discovered so many art forms along the way. From developing Characters and Street Theatre performances over the years, to writing, directing, performing and stage managing large Corporate Circus events.
Learnt, performed and taught flying trapeze for the last 15 years and hopes to never stop learning and growing.
Passionate about all the arts, self-expression and passing on knowledge to develop strong, confident and well rounded skills.


Always had a desire for the adrenaline sports. Racing BMX was the first love and his passion for Extreme Windsurfing will never die. Toured Europe and the world for 15 years with a 3 metre Tall Unicycle Street Show, before discovering his passion for the rush of the Flying Trapeze! Been in the adrenaline industry for 40 odd years and now happy to share the experience and knowledge for those keen to learn.

Hall Of Fame

Antoinette Concello

22nd April 1910 – 5th February 1984

The first lady to perform the triple Summersault to the catch!

Alfredo Codona

7th October 1893 – 30th July 1937

First perfected the triple summersault! Marveled and worshipped by many circuses as the greatest Flyer ever!Even Art Concello (Antoinette’s famous aerialist brother) idolized him.

Lilian Leitzel

2nd January 1892– 15th February 1931

Known as the ‘Queen of the Circus’ for performing the most one-armed flanges (flips). She was married to Alfredo Codona.

La Norma (Norma Fox)

Famous for Single trapeze and other aerials not flying,

but we couldn’t resist her fame and pictures! Her favourite circus to perform

at was Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey from 1949 to 1951.

Watch her play ‘Betty Hutton’ in the movie ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’.

After retiring in 1974, she carried on teaching and sharing her stories.