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Flying Trapeze and Circus parties for all age groups. Here is a great way to share a fantastic, unique and memorable experience with all your party guests!


There are a few party package options. (Ages 12 years to 107 Years!)

The first option is the ‘Taster’ package that is 4 interchangeable turns on the Bungee-trampoline and the Flying Trapeze. For example; two turns on the trampoline and two turns on the trapeze. Participants can change the turns around as long as they add up to 4 turns. This package is $80 per person and has a minimum of 8 people, up to 30 for a private booking.

 The next option is the Flying Trapeze Workshop, our speciality! Where we work on teaching a trick on the Flying Trapeze with the view to being ‘caught’ by our professional catcher at the end of the workshop. (Everyone is a winner in our workshops! There is no pressure on individuals, we encourage all flyers to achieve their personal best!) The workshop takes the participants through stretches, instructions on the ground level practise bar, right through to how to ‘take off’ from the platform and finally practising tricks in full flight! This is a 2 hour workshop for $150 per person. There is an add-on for Birthday Parties with half price Bungee-trampoline included for $160 per person. A minimum of 8 people for an exclusive private group. Less than 8 can share in a public workshop, but that’s only up to 10 people. Always the same amount of turns, whether 1 person or 10 people. Meaning it’s not less turns if full or busy, it simply takes a little longer. Up to 2 hours.


Pick a theme to create fantastic colourful photos! Eg: 1980’s style Fluoro-lycra is always a winner!    Group sizes 7 to 25 people. ‘Warm-up’ Boing on the Bungee-trampoline followed by the full Flying Trapeze Workshop. $150 p/person.


 Energising sessions that will create leaders and team cohesion like no other activities can! We have Packages for Corporate groups from 7 people to 40 people. Large groups can be ‘tailored’ 40 to 80 max.


 Rewarding and confidence building packages. Teaching students to learn difficult tasks though supporting each other and growing together. Please email us for customised programmes for your curriculum or after school activities.

Contact us now and we will customise a unique experience to your requirements!

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